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Accidents Involving Children

Accidents that involve children can happen at anytime and in almost any situation and due to their limited life experience and skills they are more vulnerable in situations that may seem mundane to adults.

Parents have a duty to keep their children are as safe as possible, but others will also share a degree of responsibility for their safety. Common examples may be accidents occurring in schools, shopping centres and public places however, your child may also be injured though a defective toys, products or foods.

By pursuing a claim for your child, you will not only be claiming compensation for them, but you may help to prevent a similar accident from occurring to someone else. Even in situations where injuries are minor, they may be due compensation.

Seeking compensation can be difficult - particularly if a significant amount of distress has been suffered. We aim to provide a sympathetic and compassionate service to ensure you receive the maximum compensation that may be due.

Who can claim compensation for Accidents Involving Children?

  • Anyone who has a child who has been injured through an accident

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service when pursuing accident claims and will ensure that your case receives personal attention from our experienced and qualified team. Seeking compensation following an accident can be difficult - particularly if you are suffering personally. We aim to provide a sympathetic and compassionate service from start to finish and will work hard to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Claiming for Accidents on Behalf of Children - Our service

Claimsworth provide expert legal advice and support, while always offering the following service:

  • On a No Win, No Fee basis
  • We can also help you claim compensation for any further financial losses incurred as a result of the accident and injury. We can help you claim for the following:
    • Medical Expenses
    • Cost of care

Claiming on behalf of a Child? - Get the compensation they deserve with Claimsworth

startyourclaim arrowIf you are claiming on behalf of a Child, Claimsworth can support you throughout the process, ensuring the child gets the help and treatment they need and the compensation that they deserve.

Call Claimsworth for free on 0800 779 70 70 for a free consultation with one of our personal injury claim experts or start your claim here.